Dine in or takeout

-Dolmadakia - seasoned ground beef and rice wrapped in grapes leaves
- Spanakopita - light fluffy phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach, onion, feta cheese and    

- Tyropita - layers of crisp phyllo dough filled with feta and kefalotiri cheese baked

- Saganaki Flambe - Greek Kasseri chees pan fried in olive oil, glazzed in brandy or 

- Shrimp Saganaki - combination of fresh garlic, tomato sauce, wine, feta cheese and hot chilli peppers glazed in brandy or ouzo

- Calimari (Squid) - lightly seasoned with flour, herbs and spices, then pan fried

- Oktapodi (Octopus) - sweet tender octopus seasoned and grilled with a lemony olive oil basting

Soup of the Day -made fresh daily Bowl

DINNERS -served with your choice of 2 sides - rice, potatoes, fries, or vegetables with soup of the day or salad (Greek or Ceasar) and garlic bread/pita

- Souvlaki - made with tender cuts of meat, marinated in a lemony olive oil and grilled - Pork or Chicken
- Gyro - Mixture of beef and lamb roasted on a vertical spit, then thinly sliced and served with tzatziki sauce
- Lamb Chops - Fresh Ontario chops grilled in an infusion of flavours with herbs and spices
- Steak - Juicy mouth watering 10 oz. sirloin cut, marinated in a delicious blend of spices and cooked to perfection


- Calamari - Squid seasoned and pan fried in olive oil with a lemony drizzle on top
- Shrimp Skewers - fresh shrimp marinated in a blend of herbs and spices, then grilled and served hot
- Filet of Fish - seasoned with flour, spices and pan fried to a golden brown

CHEF SPECIALTIES - served with soup, salad (Greek or Caesar) and garlic bread/pita

- Moussaka - layers of seasoned ground beef, eggplant, potatoes, onion and garlic topped with a bechamel sauce and baked golden
- Pastitsio - layers of seasoned ground beef, pasta, parmesan cheese, onions, and tomato sauce all layered and topped with a creamy cheese sauce and baked


- Mixed meat platter of 2 chicken souvlaki, 2 pork souvlaki, 2 lamb chops, and gyro meat served with rice, potatoes, soup or salad (Greek or Caesar) and garlic bread/pita.


- Mixed meat platter of 6 chicken souvlaki, 6 pork souvlaki, and gyro meat served with rice, potatoes, soup large Greek salad bread and tzatziki.

​     ** Party platters and large orders may require notice.  Please call ahead so we can be ready for you!


-Baklava (layers of phylo pastry with nuts and honey)

- Galaktobouriko (creamy custard in a light fluffy phylo pastry)


-Pop (bottle or can), juice, bottled water, sparkling water, wine, beer (bottle or draft), liquor, and coolers